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Tag Point by Cloud Attend

NFC Attendance & Assembly Points

nfc attendance point.png

Priced at only £5 per tag point per month a great addon to your Cloud Attend Subscription

Tag Point Attendance Point

Clock in and out at our new NFC Tag Points using your mobile phone and our PWA mobile app. (included in your subscription as standard)

Tag Points are lo-cost and require no power or network connection, they are weatherproof so they can be mounted anywhere where you require a clocking point.

attendance point.png

Tag Point Assembly Point

Tag Point Assembly points by Cloud Attend add an extra layer of automation during an evacuation process, employees register they have arrived safely at their assembly / muster point with a simple tap of their phone, supervisors can also see who has arrived and who is yet to arrive in real time.


Priced again at only £5 per assembly tag point per month, its a must have addon to your Cloud Attend Subscription

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