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Visitor Management System

Made Easy

Peace of mind for you and everyone who enters your workplace


Welcome booked in guests with the beautifully simple visitor management system that keeps your workplace safe and saves your team time. The system also allows for walk in visitors.


Make a polished first impression

Show guests that you care about their experience from the moment that they’re invited to visit. Send directions to your office, wow them with an touch screen sign-in, all in your branding.

Screenshot 2022-12-14 095023.png

Make hosting visitors seamless

Say goodbye to tracking down employees when their guests arrive, handwriting badges, and keeping track of signed agreements. 96% of customers say that VMS saves their team time.

Keep your workplace safe

See exactly who’s visiting your office, when, and why. Know instantly if a visitor doesn’t meet your criteria for entry, and promote a healthy workplace with a touchless sign-in.

Here is the process :

Visitors are booked into the system. You can include details about the visit such as who is attending and hosting, if the visit requires tick boxes or documents to be filled in.

Visitors then receive an automated email including meeting details, directions and quick check-in QR code, visitors can click on a link to add to their calendar.

When your visitor attends site they simply scan their QR code and they are booked in, their hosts receive an automated email to say you are waiting for them.

When the visit is over the visitor signs out and the visit is recorded on your Cloud Attend System.

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